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-  $50 Deposit by Credit Card to reserve your event date. Deposit is fully refundable outside of 30 days from your event. Deposit is nonrefundable inside 30 days.

- BALANCE PAID BY CREDIT CARD: Must be paid 1 week prior to event. 3.5% credit card processing fee will apply.

- BALANCE PAID BY CHECK: Must be received 1 week prior to event.

- BALANCE PAID BY CASH: Due the day of your event prior to set up.

A Valid Driver’s License is needed for all bookings. 


Most municipalities have additional insurance requirements when setting up on public property. Some municipalities may also require a permit to be issued. It is the customer’s responsibility to find out these requirements, if any, and communicate that information to us. Customers are responsible for permit fees or park entry fees.  If setting up at a commercial type property or a property being rented or leased, it is the customer’s responsibility to seek permission form that land owner to set-up on the property.  


FWPR maintains general liability coverage.


FWPR’s only liability, for third party claims, will be for actions caused by FWPR and/ or the negligent conduct of its employees.

Third Party Liability

FWPR assumes no responsibility for the conduct of guests, members and third parties hired to provide services.

Damage to Customer Property

FWPR assumes no responsibility for ANY damage or loss of any merchandise, alcohol, equipment, furniture, clothing or other valuables prior to, during or after the event. We will not be held responsibility for any damage caused to the sod, grass, asphalt or concrete.  

Damage to Rental Equipment

We do not hold our customers responsible for equipment failure from normal use and when our equipment has been used as instructed. However, the customer is responsible for any damage caused due to abuse or misuse of our equipment while in their possession. The customer is not permitted to set-up, move or repair the rental tent (s) or any item attached to it. The customer is not permitted to attach anything to the canopy (tent) by any means (tape, glue, rope etc.)  If repair or replacement of our equipment is required due to misuse or abuse whether by them or anyone present at their event, you will by charged either repair or replace our equipment as needed. We will require the fees necessary for repair or replacement of the equipment in cash or check within 7 days or your reservation.

Weather Policy

We Reserve the right to delay set-up and/or removal of the rental equipment if it is unsafe to do so due to severe weather, or if a severe thunderstorm warning is present. We will proceed with set-up or removal once the severe weather has cleared. Our rental tents were manufactured for use as a temporary structure. The structure should not be considered safe when severe weather is present or approaching or if a lightning storm is present. If severe weather is present or approaching, we recommend evacuating the structure, and that all occupants seek shelter in an appropriate location until the storm/severe weather and warning has passed. If at any time you or your guests feel unsafe inside the structure for any reason, they should leave the structure immediately.

Equipment Cleaning 

We expect that our tables and chairs are returned to us in the condition delivered. Although a small amount of dirt is expected, we do require our tables and chairs are at a minimum wiped down after the event, removing all food or foreign objects and that any spill be cleaned up as quickly as possible in order to help prevent staining. The customer will be charged a $20 cleaning fee if our equipment has not been wiped down after the event.

Tape or adhesives of any type 

Under no circumstances is tape or any other adhesive substance permitted to be attached or stuck to the tent canopy (top) or poles at any time!  If it is found that tape or any type of adhesive was attached or stuck to the canopy the customer will be automatically billed $200 plus the cost of professional repair of any damage caused to the canopy buy application or removal of such substances. 

Return of Tables and Chairs

After your event, you are responsible to fold all tables and chairs and place them neatly under the canopy or location delivered to await our pick-up. Under no circumstance is the customer permitted to disassemble any part of the rental tent or sidewalls.

Delivery and or Set-up policy

Part A 

You must be immediately reachable by phone, the evening before your scheduled delivery date and also the day of until delivery and/or set-up has occurred. If we have trouble finding your requested set-up location and we are unable to reach you, we will attempt to locate you for 10 minutes while continuing to contact you via the phone number you provided us.  If after 10 minutes we are still unable to locate you, we will proceed to our next delivery. You will still be held responsible for 50% of the rental agreement and we will not be held responsible for any problems you encounter as a result of our inability to deliver your equipment. 

Part B

The delivery time will be agreed upon by the customer and Four Way Part Rentals. Depending on our scheduling, delivery and/or set-up may occur up to 96 hours before the date of your event. Pick-up will occur 1 - 2 days after your event. The delivery date and time will be discussed prior to your event.  The flexibility of the delivery/set-up date and time allows more flexibility for Four Way Party Rentals and the customer due to scheduling issues.

Part C

The area must be free from overhead obstructions including trees and wires. The area must be free from animal excrement, vegetation, sharp gravel and be of proper size.  If upon our arrival we determine the area is unsuitable for assembly of the rental equipment due to any of the previously listed conditions or any safety issues or if we find the set-up location inaccessible, the customer will be charged 50% of the rental fee.  If you are unsure whether or not your site meets the requirements of Part C or any other part of this rental policy, the customer should call Four Way Party Rentals LLC. And we will provide you with a free site inspection prior to your event date.  During our free inspection, we may explain to you which conditions of your event location do not meet our requirements.

I hereby agree to the price and terms of this contract. Any changes to this contract must be in writing and signed.


Customer Signature ______________________________  Date ________________


Customer Driver’s License ___________________________________________

I, the client, understand that by using/ providing items I own or are providing or by hosting an event in my home/ office, that accidents/ breakage and damage may occur. I will NOT bill, charge or sue FWPR for any loss unless the damage or loss was caused by the willful negligent actions or conduct of FWPR or its employees.



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